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For most of his life, Crotalo has steeped himself in the mysteries and timeless teachings of ancient civilizations, and has often experienced his own past-life connections to various prehistoric, classical and modern cultures.

That is why journeying with Crotalo to some of the greatest wonders of the world is truly a magical mystery tour. He is a multidimensional guide through both the inner and outer terrains of these wisdom-drenched lands.

As a sojourner with other seekers from around the world, your experience of learning about each locale’s history, culture, cuisine and much more will be richly layered with Crotalo’s gift for unlocking the esoteric and sacred codes of these geographic spaces on the planet.

Esoteric Egypt

Discover the “Real” Ancient Mysteries of Egypt

It is the place of the famed Giza Pyramids, Great Sphinx, Luxor’s Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs. Egypt is indeed a land of great beauty. The Nile River spills through its topography, passing Ottoman landmarks, rich plant life, rural farmlands, and legendary antiquities.

Yet did you know that Egypt is also the origin site of all the world’s mystery schools due to its unique connection to the highly advanced ancient civilization of Atlantis? Crotalo’s passion for and precise knowledge of Egypt’s hidden esoteric secrets will be revealed along the way as he guides you through this iconic country.

Join him on this private luxury tour of the temples, pyramids and museums in the Land of the Pharaohs. Along this epic journey, Crotalo will delve into Egypt’s crucial role as a bridge back in time to Atlantean culture. Geniuses at programming their future incarnations, this utopian civilization left messages in the “stone language” of its architecture and sacred geometry. Crotalo will open this book of knowledge through meditations and energetic rituals that will activate you to push beyond the limits of what you imagine you can do.

Savor a leisurely cruise down the River Nile as you contemplate the biggest mysteries of humankind—why we are here, from where did we come, why we are experiencing specific situations in the present, and where we are going.

This practical and action-oriented excursion is in partnership with Souls of Egypt Travel, which specializes in bringing spiritual truth seekers together for personal transformation. It is open to anyone who wants to discover the magic of Egypt, and is especially perfect for spiritual teachers who want to offer their students an authentic opportunity for profound self-awakening. Download the full program here.

Next Available Dates: 2 – 14 October 2023 

Esoteric Egypt

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Mystical Gargano

The Convergence Point of Synchronic Lines

Gargano, in the southern Italian region of Puglia, is much more than just a popular summer vacation spot for Italians, with its dramatic Adriatic coastline, white limestone cliffs, colorful sea caves, lush pine forests, olive groves and hill towns.

It is the site of the oldest shrine in western Europe: Monte Sant’Angelo sul Gargano, dedicated to Archangel Michael. Here is where Crotalo will guide you into the equally beautiful interior scenery of your soul. Learn about Archangel Michael’s magical connections to the Egyptian god Horus, as well as to the Damanhur community in Italy. (Hint: the two locations are connected by synchronic lines.)

Your resort destination on the ocean connects you through first-hand experiences to Falco, the founder of Damanhur, hundreds of Damanhurians, and the ancient history of this land. Learn how this energetically charged spot on the planet with magical underwater caves makes possible occurrences that normally are not achievable in ordinary time, space and dimension.

The group will spend contemplative time and meditation at the sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo, where Archangel Michael is first known to have manifested on the physical plane. The tour also includes excursions to the mystical Castel del Monte, a XIII century castle built for King Federico II (who is said to be one of Falco’s past incarnations). The week includes ample R&R time at the beaches in Zaiana, the protected natural park Foresta Umbra, and a guided moonlit “circuits” meditation near the cliffs of the Pizzomunno. Download the full program here.

To get a taste of Gargano, watch Crotalo’s series on Gaia before the trip.

Mystical Gargano

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The Bosnian Pyramid Structure

The Beginning of Everything

The (re)discovery of the Bosnian Pyramid Structure in 2005 by anthropologist Samir Osmanagich essentially rewrote the historical textbooks about the most ancient pyramids on planet Earth. It is the only active archeological dig site that is open to everyone to both discover and volunteer as part of the dig team.

Located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15 miles northwest of Sarajevo, the Pyramid of the Moon is now considered the world’s largest and oldest step pyramid. It is said to be 34,000 years old, predating the Giza Pyramids in Egypt by 29,500 years. In a perfectly diagonal position on the opposite side of town is the Pyramid of the Sun—which, at 720 feet, also dwarfs the Great Pyramids of Egypt. A third pyramid, the Pyramid of the Dragon, is said to be buried in the nearby hills.

Osmanagich and others claim that the Bosnian Pyramids were built by a highly developed civilization during the Little Ice Age. Like other pyramids around the world, the site of these three symmetrical structures was strategically chosen. One of their possible functions was to serve as an advanced communication system emitting energy beams that followed the path of the sun.

Samir has a unique connection to Damanhur, as the Federation was one of the first places to invite Samir to visit and present his research about the Bosnian Pyramids. Falco and the Damanhurians recognized this incredible discovery as an astonishing opportunity to rewrite history—all the way back in time to the beginning of everything.

Journey inside the pyramids’ tunnels—the discovery of which continues to expand as the dig remains presently active. Feel the energy of these ancient underground chambers and healing rooms as Crotalo guides you in meditations and activations. This mind-bending journey also includes trips to other nearby sites that are home to gigantic, perfectly shaped stone spheres concentrated in sacred, wooded area that is, energetically speaking, not of this world.

Bosnian Pyramid Structure

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Federation of Spiritual Communities

As the founder of Damanhur, Falco inspired (and continues to inspire) many others through his original tenets of self-refinement through positive thinking, promoting diversity, embracing change and pursuing one’s dreams with a sense of humor and adventure. Each day, Damanhurians experience these philosophies by taking action in every area—from art, culture, family life, labor and politics to research on the subtle energies that comprise the universe.

The “Damanhur way of life” is open to anyone who has the desire and curiosity to experience this ongoing process of self-exploration. When you visit Damanhur, you can:

  • Investigate the laws of spiritual physics and the divine nature of the universe.
  • Learn about sustainability and experience living in community.
  • Discover Selfica spiritual technologies for healing and awakening, and natural healing methods based on a holistic view of wellness.
  • Explore the esoteric history of Turin and the Egyptian Museum.
  • Listen to direct communication and music from the plant world with Damanhur’s Music of the Plants.

Federation of Damanhur

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