Deepen into your extraordinary path of self-discovery
and healing to transform your life.

Crotalo offers a number of fun, fascinating and highly personalized ways in which you can activate and expand your inner knowing and outward health and vitality.  


Pranatherapy sessions with Crotalo consist of him serving as a clear channel of energies that can be specifically directed to rebalance, harmonize and heal any or all aspects of an individual’s “personalities”—whether physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual.

Crotalo was prepared and activated by Falco (founder of Damanhur) in 1995 to practice this powerful form of energy work based on physics. Pranatherapy aligns the individual with the cosmic light energy of Life that is directly connected to one’s divine spark. The therapy gives precisely what is needed to return one’s system to its optimal state, and removes what is “incorrect” and not needed.

Each session incorporates the use of a Spheroself and may include Stiloself and other gentle instruments that are connected to a spiritual-technological Selfic energy via the Temples of Humankind (the largest Selfic device on the planet). This enables the client to receive an even more powerful form of prana called “micro-attractors.”

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Sessions are one hour in person or via Zoom.
$150 per session /$120 per session when a package of 10 sessions is booked (one per week or month)

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Life divination readings with Crotalo give a fascinating perspective into time as it relates to one’s life. They reveal that time can be observed from every possible direction: the past, the present, and (perhaps most importantly) how any individual can both read and write their future based on one’s actions.

Crotalo expertly interprets both the Damanhur Tarot deck (based on the Selfic paintings of Falco Tarassaco) and the Enoil Gavat Egyptian Esoteric Tarot deck to facilitate the messages being revealed in these readings. He also blends in the use of an ancient divination tool called the 7 Stones. These are connected to the forces of intuition and go straight to the point of what is important to be communicated to the client.

Clients come away from these readings with greater confidence in their decision making and clarity around what they want and care about. They offer a powerful opportunity to really know what one wants from a particular life situation—whether related to personal goals, healing, life’s work, family and more.

Sessions are one hour in person or via Zoom.
$150 per session


Since ancient times, stone spirals constructed on a plot of land have been used by civilizations as instruments of sacred geometry for amplifying and concentrating the energy of a specific place. They serve as multidimensional doorways (on the ground and in the sky) that enable anyone to connect with and enter into the energy of a particular area. They are also protectors of everyone and everything on the land.

For Crotalo and other Damanhurians, stone spirals hold an even higher meaning: they serve as allies for the spiritual mission at this point in human history. These structures are connected to Damanhur’s longtime research on instruments of spiritual technology, called Selfica, as well as the synchronic lines, or the superhighways of energy that exist on and around the planet. These lines create power spots that are used for specific purposes by individuals, plants and animals, the environment, and everything that exists in a specific locale. Spirals located in these power areas create an energetic network around the world, further amplifying their power.

Inquire about building a stone spiral in your area.

Crotalo is available to help individuals, families and communities construct spirals on a chosen piece of sacred land. This process can be done in person or remotely.

To invite Crotalo to your private land and have him oversee the build, please submit a formal request:

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