Discover who you are, where you came from, and your mission in this lifetime.

This is the magical journey of the Mystery School, part of Damanhur University. Its profound teachings are animated and fortified by nearly 50 years of research, culture and character from one of the most successful spiritual communities in the world.

If you are fascinated by the exploration of ancient tools and timeless philosophies as a means to create a positive and awe-inspired future for yourself and everyone, join us.

With Crotalo as your master teacher and escort through the realms of time and space, you will marvel and be changed by the wonders of the realities around you, as well as your own inner world. Each year builds upon the previous, allowing you to dive ever deeper into self-inquiry and some of life’s greatest complexities.

Fascinating and fun topic areas including:

  • Stretching your understanding of our human capacities as informed by lessons learned from ancient Atlantis and pre-Atlantean civilizations.
  • Working with time and memory, including astral traveling to other dimensions of reality to reawaken this hidden ability to access other realms in a completely relaxed yet fully alert state. 
  • Investigating the story of your soul by learning practical techniques for integrating your past lives to help resurface memories, talents and opportunities that can be utilized in your present life. 
  • Exploring the nature of reality through theoretical and spiritual physics that provide a solid framework for comprehending the landscape of our humanity and why we are here.
  • Activating your “inner senses” (the ones beyond your five senses) . . . in particular, the sense of dreaming, sense of memory, sense of the exchange, sense of desire, and sense of the divine. 

Year One

Self Discovery

Becoming aware requires first knowing yourself.

In our first year together, we will explore:

Astral Travel – Level 1 
Alien Civilizations and Pre-Atlantic History
Inner Harmonization – Level 1: Breathing and Sound
Philosophy and Spiritual Physics – Level 1: The Structure of Reality, the Universe and the Human Being
Past Lives Research – Level 1 and Level 2
The Ways of the Dream Level 1: Interpreting Dream Messages
Discovering Oneself Through Divination
How to Find the Inner Answers
Awakening the Inner Senses

Year Two

Discover the Subtle Energies of our Universe

In our second year of study, we will ground, reinforce and give value to your being, while expanding your self-perception to include a greater awareness of the many physical and subtle energies that interact with us daily.

Courses include:

Philosophy and Spiritual Physics – Level 2: The Nature of Time, Time Empires and Planes of Reality
Inner Harmonization – Level 2: Color and Aura
The Paths of Dreams – Level 2: The Art of Driving the Dream
History of Atlantis
Past Lives Research – Level 3
Astral Travel – Level 2 and Level 3
Inner Personalities – Level 1: The Most Important Facets of the Self
Transformation of Memories: Rewriting One’s Own Timeline
Enhancement of Microlines

Year Three

Discover Your Life Purpose and Soul Mission

As we dive even deeper into the mysteries across dimensions, you will travel retroactively to past lives that inform this one. Layered throughout these stories of “you” over various incarnations is your life purpose

Re-encounter your mission as we study:

Philosophy and Spiritual Physics – Level 3 and 4:
The New Divine Covenant, Alchemy, Selfica and Magical Technology
Inner Harmonization – Level 3: The Happy Positions
History from Atlantis to Today: The Evolution Project of Humanity
Past Lives Research – Level 4 and Level 5
Guiding Emotions and Using Lateral Thinking
Inner Personalities – Level 2: Towards the Happy Integration of the Self
Nurturing Memories: Creating Your Future Timeline
On the Trail of the Mission

Uncover the Mystery.

Year Four

Discover the Magick of Damanhur

As a near-graduate of The Mystery School, it is time to visit Damanhur first-hand and immerse in the teachings of its founder, Falco Tarassaco. Our final 10 courses together will reveal to you the path of self-realization and connection with your divine nature. Prepare to awaken to a new life!

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