Do you feel called to fully live the mystique of your soul mission?

We live in an era when it is possible to create new realities, build lasting dreams, and leave an enlightened legacy for the future of humanity.

Are you one of the dreamers . . . the visionaries . . . the practical action-takers . . . who desires to unlock the universal mysteries of humankind and apply this timeless wisdom to reawaken your fullest potential?

If so, Crotalo Sesamo is your ultimate guide and teacher on this higher esoteric path of Life. As seen on Gaia, Crotalo is renowned as not only a master connector of ancient energies, but a pragmatic instructor of how to apply this knowledge to modern times so that individuals like you can live your dreams . . . whatever they may be.

Crotalo's Offerings...


Master Teaching

Delve into past life research, inner harmonization, astral travel or one of many other esoteric courses led by Crotalo.


Energy Healing

Experience the power of Selfic and pranatherapy to heal, broaden your self-perception, and maximize your personal health and wellbeing.


Esoteric Research

Treat yourself to a luxury tour of the world’s most mystical sites. With Crotalo as your private guide, discover the esoteric nature of these ancient civilizations while receiving the forces of intuition that they convey.

Explore the "Real" Ancient Egypt

Time travel with Crotalo on a past-future continuum to Egypt, the land of the humanity’s original mystery school. You will be amazed by the complexities and nuances of this ancient civilization . . . from its connection to Atlantis (a society at the pinnacle of human achievement in spirituality and technology) to various timelines/territories that are still emerging in our 21st century. In his teachings, Crotalo conveys with great clarity how bringing forward lessons from this past culture can change the course of human evolution now and accelerate a new golden age for everyone.

Study Timeless Mysteries

Crotalo is an educator extraordinaire in recapturing the lost secrets and core universal teachings of the ancient mystery schools. As an Ambassador of Damanhur and the former head of Damanhur University, he has officially founded mystery schools and teaches these courses throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina and the Emirates. Crotalo lends all of the ancient esoteric wisdom and rituals a practical application so that his students can put into everyday action what they have learned.

Create Multidimensional Doorways

Constructing a stone spiral brings something very precious to the land. Engaging in this co-creation with a group demonstrates meditation in action and offers a beautiful expression of community engagement. Crotalo is available to help guide you in building a spiral on your chosen piece of sacred ground. This project is for anyone who wants an instrument that is constantly working for the betterment of the land and the people on it, this is the perfect modality.
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Time Travel with Crotalo

Journey through time with Crotalo by signing up for his popular and provocative Time Travel series on Gaia. Experience time in new ways as it moves from the realms of science fiction, to spiritual practice, and finally, into scientific possibility.

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